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[Update] PS4 1.71 Firmware Update Available Now; 194 MB Download

A new system update has been released from Sony Computer Entertainment. Version 1.71 isn’t much in size, being a mere 194 MB.

The patch notes are quite simple:

“System software stability during use of some features has been improved.”

One of the problems that caused some annoyance with uploading save games to the cloud for PlayStation Plus users and now it won’t require the users to manually overwrite their previews saves.  The issue that deactivated the DualShock 4′s vibration every time the console was turned off (or put in stand-by mode) has now been solved.


 *Update: The new System Update seems to be causing some problems for PSN users who are trying to view videos on the system. Hopefully Sony is aware of this problem and will address it in net few days. 


source: dualshockers

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