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Update: Nintendo 3DS System Update released and Improved Streamlined eShop

  Apparently similar EULA for the Wii U also apply to the Nintendo 3DS family handheld where Nintendo makes note about the system in question (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS)… … Continue reading

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PS4 System Update 1.75 is Out and With it Comes 3D Blu-Ray Support

Sony has confirmed that a new PS4 System Software Update (1.75) is now available. This update allows your console to play 3D Blu-Ray movies. This is quite a sudden update since … Continue reading

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PlayStation 4 Gets a Boring System Update (1.74)

You may of noticed that the PlayStation 4 received a mandatory system update. Chances are if you’re reading this, you already updated your system. If you haven’t touched your system … Continue reading

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You Can Now Transfer Your Wii U Data To Another System

  Wii U owners got another system update that allows you  transfer your save data from one Wii U to another. This includes your software, Mii characters, user settings (Nintendo Network IDs … Continue reading

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[Update] PS4 1.71 Firmware Update Available Now; 194 MB Download

A new system update has been released from Sony Computer Entertainment. Version 1.71 isn’t much in size, being a mere 194 MB. The patch notes are quite simple: “System software … Continue reading

06/03/2014 · 1 Comment

Sony Releases System Update For PS Vita, Increases App Limit, Adds Calendar

Sony has released a new firmware update for the PlayStation Vita, that raises the number of applications you can have displayed on the Vita home screen. Originally, it was only … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Xbox One February update is now LIVE

The Xbox One update for February is now out today for consumers and will continue throughout the weekend. This update was originally delayed due to its finalization. According to Major … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Xbox One February Update Delayed

For those who were expecting a new system update to arrive for their Xbox One and wondering why it hasn’t happened should take note that it’s been delayed. Larry Hryb, … Continue reading

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Microsoft: New system update arriving soon for Xbox One

There are two system updates that are coming to the Xbox One that which will improve some of the system’s features. The first update will arrive in February, the second … Continue reading

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