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Update: Nintendo 3DS System Update released and Improved Streamlined eShop


Apparently similar EULA for the Wii U also apply to the Nintendo 3DS family handheld where Nintendo makes note about the system in question (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS)… “are constantly evolving, and we may update or change your Nintendo 3DS System, in whole, in part, without your notice.”

This is alarming for users since this basically means that Nintendo could disable any functionality of their Nintendo systems whenever they choose and not agreeing to this restricts functionality of your purchase such as games and online play. As mentions before, similar EULA has been applied to the Wii U console.

To see further details of the Wii U, follow the highlighted link.

If you haven’t heard, Nintendo has released a new system update for their Nintendo 3DS systems. This update marks a few changes in version 9.0.0-20U that are noteworthy.

Gamers now have the option to purchase additional themes from the varied Nintendo universe such as Mario, Link and others from the new Theme Shop; in addition to 5 pre-installed colored themes. All theme options are located within the top left-hand corner with a simple press of the touch screen.

Players are now able to capture screenshots of their HOME Menu but the option is disabled once a game or application (esp. Netflix, Web Browser, Notifications) are running.  Newly distributed information from Notifications will briefly display a small information box before disappearing, allowing user to view it at their choosing. Please note that information box only appeared once to notify us of the new system update and may only work with highly important notifications.

The Nintendo eShop Title Information page has been reworked so more information can be displayed for a given title. These include videos, demos, user star reviews, recommendations and online digital purchases. And like always, system stability and adjustments have been added overall.

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