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Sony Releases System Update For PS Vita, Increases App Limit, Adds Calendar

PlayStation Vita

Sony has released a new firmware update for the PlayStation Vita, that raises the number of applications you can have displayed on the Vita home screen. Originally, it was only 100 but that’s been raised to 500. This update also includes additional features such as a calender, parental controls and voice messages.

The newly released system update 3.10 gives users the ability to record and send their voice memos to PlayStation 4 and Vita owners. You can also sync Google Calendar to your Vita Calendar. The parental controls are now restrict the PlayStation Store by age.

The full list of changes can be seen below.

  • Home screen – applications limit increased to 500 icons
  • Messages – voice message functionality added
  • Parental controls – restrict PS Store access by age
  • Calendar – sync Google Calendar, share events with friends via message or email
  • Content Manager – check and manage Memory Card usage
  • Music – search for content saved on a connected device
  • Video – sort content by size
  • Photo – Rotate Screen Automatically option added, Freeform added to Panoramic modes
  • Settings – option to adjust Daylight Saving automatically added

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