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Zelda for Switch Runs at 900p

The Legend of Zelda won’t run at 1080p but it will run at…

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Nintendo responds to fan petition to include Robin Williams in The Legend of Zelda

The world has lost one of its greatest entertainers but thanks to devoted fans, he may be part of the The Legend of Zelda. At the time of this posting, it … Continue reading

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A new petition for Robin Williams – this time for The Legend of Zelda

It seems the world can’t get enough Robin Williams and even with his passing and the sadness that it brought, his memory will live on through other means. As mentioned before, … Continue reading

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[Update] The world loses one of its greats; Robin Williams dies at age 63

New information has become available about the passing of Robin Williams thanks to Marin County Sheriff’s Department. Williams died from asphyxia due to hanging Monday morning where he was found by his … Continue reading

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How Many Zelda Games Have Been Sold? — A LOT

The outstanding Legend of Zelda has always sold remarkably well regardless of which system it made on. More often than not, hailed as the reasons to own a Nintendo system … Continue reading

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Hyrule Warriors Will Feature Online Play and More Classic Characters

Written by Byungsuk Kim Exciting about Hyrule Warriors? How does online play sound? Hyrule Warriors will not only feature local play but will also have online co-op play as well. According to … Continue reading

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Gamers Petition for a Black Female Link

An interesting development has arisen within the gaming community where a petition on, has been created for the Hero of Time to change only his appearance into a young, … Continue reading

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[Trailer Update] The Legend Of Zelda For Wii U Wows E3

    Today at the Nintendo Digital Event, the long awaited next iteration in the Legend of Zelda series was officially revealed

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Experience the 1986 Zelda classic in Amazing First Person

With new technology comes new possibilities , Nintendo is no stranger from this as they’ve done this many times over. Releasing old games in unique and fun ways. This time … Continue reading

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