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S-Video for the Original Wii

There’s a new video connection option for  the Wii that provides better video image quality. In comparison to regular composite video cables that is bundled with the Wii, purchasing the S-Video cables from … Continue reading

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Super Mario Galaxy is Available at Nintendo Online Store

Super Mario  Galaxy is available for order on the Nintendo Online Store for those who are okay owning a tangible Wii disc for $15.00 This classic game was like no … Continue reading

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Call of Duty – Where Media and Gaming Collide

Note: At the time this writing (12.7.2012). This article does not reflect any changes that has occurred prior to the original written date. Written by Byungsuk Kim As of right now, there have … Continue reading

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Nintendo fights for Consumer Clarity – Clearing up the confusion of the Wii U

Nintendo has finally done it, where the line of confusion is blurred and what lays in their possible future is clarity and a hopeful future. The overall tone and it’s primary … Continue reading

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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are Best Selling Consoles in Gaming History

Sony provided IGN with a copy of a market briefing from the firm DFC Intelligence. Within, DFC notes that According to a marketing briefing provided by Sony and DFC intelligence, “The … Continue reading

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Cast your eyes to the stars, Eurogamer declares Super Mario Galaxy ‘The Game of the Generation’

Gaming publications, Eurogamer, has rewarded Nintendo’s gravity-jumping adventure the video game of the generation and rightfully so. The sense of creativity is something unmatched and truly unique. With such attention … Continue reading

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Classic Tunes: Theme of The Last Story – Nobuo Uematsu

It’s been a while since I wrote about a musical piece but this is by far, one of my favorites. Written by famed Nobuo Uematsu, this beautiful piece is far more … Continue reading

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Nintendo: Nintendo calls a cease production for the Wii

Nintendo’s much successful Wii console will soon be coming to end, according to reports from Nintendo of Japan.  The Wii console is considered by most as a stable for motion control … Continue reading

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3DS/Vita FIFA 14 Gets No Updates To Gameplay or Additional Modes

If you’re a big FIFA fan and were hoping for improvements for FIFA 14 over last years iteration. You’re going to be disappointed. “FIFA 14 Legacy Edition delivers unmatched authenticity … Continue reading

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