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Super Mario Maker v1.20 Update is Now LIVE!~!

The Super Mario Maker update is now live. Here are the keynotes in Super Mario Maker 1.20. “Note: This update requires about 314.5MB of storage space. Added the functionality to … Continue reading

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Super Mario Maker Update Adds Level Checkpoints and Stackable Power-Ups!

Super Mario Maker is like a dream for any gamer wishing to sow their creative oat within the world of Super Mario. As wonderfully crafted Super Mario Maker is, there was … Continue reading

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Splatoon’s Game Update August 5th (v2.0.0)

Nintendo’s brand new franchise, Splatoon, will finally get the game update it deserves. This huge update will not only address a handful of requests from its fanbase but will adjust … Continue reading

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Here is the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Patch Notes 1.0.4

Even though Nintendo has not released any of the changes made to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS in its latest game patch, this hasn’t stopped Smash Bros. fans from digging into … Continue reading

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Exciting Gaming After Hours Notification

Hello everyone, We’d like to first say that we appropriate your support and encouragement. We are currently going to go through a transition from Blogger to WordPress. At this time, we have … Continue reading

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Notice: After Hours is Making Slight Changes

In order to better serve you and just because we want to have an easier name to think of when you type in our URL address. We are going to … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii YouTube Channel Gets iPhone Support

The YouTube Channel for the Nintendo Wii has been updated to be faster and more reliable but now you’ll be able to connect your iPhone to control the channel. All you have to … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS Update And Mario Kart 7

Great news comings from the world of Nintendo, all thanks to the their Nintendo Direct Press Conference with more information about the next Nintendo 3DS System Update. One positive note … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS System Update

Turn on your Nintendo 3DS look forward a new system update.  Satoru Iwata revealed a new firmware update is in coming . The new update is aiming to address some complaints that people have … Continue reading

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