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Super Mario Maker Update Adds Level Checkpoints and Stackable Power-Ups!

GamingAfterHoursSuper Mario Maker is like a dream for any gamer wishing to sow their creative oat within the world of Super Mario. As wonderfully crafted Super Mario Maker is, there was many elements that were missing from Mario’s past adventures that were either left out for one reason or another such as mid-level checkpoints as well as other changes with the new update.

This new and highly desirable added feature will help make those ambitious levels far more tolerable and increase the chances of people completing a challenging course. Mario creators will now be able to add flags to their their creations and alleviate the headache of having to start from the beginning if they lose a life. All they have to do is shake the arrow that’s in the inventory box and place it at the desired locations.

As great of an addition as this is, we can see many Mario creators using this new feature to create some very frustrating troll-like situations for many players. Hopefully there won’t be much of those and everyone will use the mid-checkpoint in the traditional Mario fashion.

One other new addition that’s worth mentioning is the ability to add stack power-ups onto each other. Depending on Mario’s status, when the player acquires the stacked power-up in question, itwill be different. For example if Mario is simply small Mario, he will receive the Super Mushroom. If he’s Super Mario, he’ll receive the Fire Flower or something equivalent to that.

There are also levels that were made by Nintendo, Event Course and to quickly access a more challenging version of Gnat Attack for good measure.

The software update will be made available on 4th November in North America and 5th November in Europe, and you can see a neat video summarising all of this below.

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