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Nintendo 3DS Update And Mario Kart 7

Great news comings from the world of Nintendo, all thanks to the their Nintendo Direct Press Conference with more information about the next Nintendo 3DS System Update. One positive note to keep in mind is that its coming very soon but when is any ones guess. As mentioned in our recent post, this update will allow you to create folders on your home menu screen and organize them your games and apps. Which is good if you have multiple content on your system like some of us at After Hours.

Now if your a Mario fan as so many of us are, you’ll be happy to know that new content will be coming to Mario Kart 7 around mid-May.

The following is speculation on our part: We’re expecting new karts and exclusive limited edition DLC. More then likely then not, you’ll be seeing new tracks for you to race on.

So keep it here for more updated information on your favorite portable system, the Nintendo 3DS and don’t forget to like us on our Facebook page via After Hours.

source: nintendo charged

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