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Splatoon’s Game Update August 5th (v2.0.0)

Nintendo’s brand new franchise, Splatoon, will finally get the game update it deserves. This huge update will not only address a handful of requests from its fanbase but will adjust past maps as well as tweak the games overall balance to some degrees. More importantly, the level cap has been raised from 20 to 50. New promised modes will rollout with this update where gamers will be able to play with their friends with varied amount of customization. Overall, this will sure keep the interests of Splatoon high as time goes on.

Updated content

Ver. 2.0.0 [ 2015.8.6 delivery schedule]

  • Add Tag Match mode
    • Friend and is teamed up together, we’ve added the “Tag Match” mode that can Gachimatchi with other tag.
      • ※ “Gachimatchi” Similarly, it will be able to participate in the rank of 10 or more.
        • – You can fold the tag as “Friends of Friends” by merging from friends.
        • – If you want teamed up only with a particular friend, please use the password setting function.
      • ※ opponent of Tag Match mode, the only players who also are playing a tag match mode.
        • – Players who are playing the geese match mode, you do not play against players who are playing a tag match mode.
      • ※ in the tag match mode I can play in the “four people tag”, “three people tag”, “two people tag”.
        • – “Three tag” you may want to play against, “four people tag”. 3 people side will be adjusted so that they can revive quickly, but the minute three side of the number of people the difference will be a disadvantage.
        • – In the case of “two people tag”, is matching the “two tag” in the other three sets, it will play against the “two tag × 2 sets” vs “two tag × 2 sets”.
  • Additional private match mode
    • – Be able to play with friends and favorite rule-stage team classification, we added a “private match” mode.
      • “Friends of Friends” by merging from friend ※ You can also participate.
        • – Please use the password setting function when you want to participate only to a specific friend.
  • Change of rank
    • Rank me was to be raised to 50.
      • ※ When you hear the description is entered in the lobby in the state in which raising the rank up to 20, the upper limit is released.
  • Change of skill
    • • The skills I have to be raised to “S”, “S +”.
      • ※ prowess in the “S”, “S +” You can raise only “Gachimatchi” (it does not increase in the “Tag Match”).
      • ※ prowess “S” does not Ude Mahe point is changed by the outcome in the case “tag match” it is in “S +”.
    • · I have changed the calculation method of the arm Mahe point that changes by victory or defeat.
    • – Gachi If the match mode prowess during play of the changes, I was once made to return to the lobby.
  • Additional gear
    • – Add a new gear, we have to line up at random to shop.
  • Additional BGM
    • – Add a new BGM, it was to be played at random during the match.
  • Change of Fes
    • • The festival final result of, we changed the magnification of the winning percentage point to the “four times” from the “double”.
  • Adjustment of stage
    • · Dekarain elevated under: I was greatly change the terrain in all the rules.
    • · Shionome oil field: I’ve adjusted the stage placement in apt scaffold rule.
    • – Arowana Mall: I was adjusting the stage placement in all the rules.

[2015.8.4 postscript]
stage arrangement and adjustment of the arowana Mall had been guided only apt area rules,
we have to adjust in all the rules. Apology to will correct.

  • · Mozuku plantation: I was adjusting the stage placement in Gachieria-apt scaffold rules.
  • · Hairtail parking: I’ve adjusted the stage placement in Gachieria-apt scaffold rules.
  • Adjustment of Special Weapon
    • Super shot: the fill points needed to earn a special gauge, has been increased from 180p to 220p.
    • Super Sensor: the fill point needed to save a special gauge, has been increased from 180p to 200p.
    • · Megaphone Laser: the fill point needed to save a special gauge, has been reduced from 180p to 160p.
      • ※ A number of case that neither wearing gear power of “special increased amount up”.
  • Of the sub-Weapon adjustment
    • Splash Shield: When you hit a bomb directly to the shield, rarely damage range of the bomb is not handled correctly. This problem has been corrected.
  • The adjustment of the gear power
    • · Adversity strengthening: If from before the match starts there is a difference in the number of teams, players, but had begun to accumulate special gauge from before they become operational, it does not accumulate it until you actually become operational.
    • Special increase up: When you are wearing a lot of special increment up, in case you have painted widely at a time and when the ink was painted little by little, a slight difference comes into actual area painted in and increase the amount of special gauge It was there, but it was set to be increased amount that is proportional to the area painted regardless of the Fill.
  • Adjustment of the sound effect involved in fighting
    • Tornado is I was easy to hear the herald sound effects when the land on the left and right and rear.
    • Part of the range, is I was easy to hear even from the distant long weapon hit when the sound effects of.
  • Other
    • – As you can play comfortably in customers, Fixed some game content.
  • ※ To do Internet play, update data (Ver. 2.0.0) is mandatory.

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