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Nintendo Wii YouTube Channel Gets iPhone Support

The YouTube Channel for the Nintendo Wii has been updated to be faster and more reliable but now you’ll be able to connect your iPhone to control the channel. All you have to do is access your YouTube account and pair your iPhone and the YouTube Channel. Your iPhone will still need the YouTube app from the App Store for this to function and for what it is, it works surprisingly well.

If you there’s a video you want to view, can search for it on your iPhone and once you find it. Press play and you’re good to go. Looks like Nintendo is starting to embrace new things.Update: There has been some confusing after this post whether this YouTube Channel update is for the original Wii, Wii U or both. We’ve only been able to verify that this update only applies to the original Wii. If someone would like to verify if the Wii U version got the same update, please let us know by commenting below.

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