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Assassin’s Creed III Box Art

Ubisoft has released its official Assassin’s Creed 3 box art as well as confirming much of the leaked information that was feeding the Internet threads for the past few days. The main protagonist is of Native American decent and takes place within the time line of the American Revolution. This will probably make a few gamers upset since this game isn’t taking place in a European settings like some of the other games that came before it but it could be a huge draw for those who were wanting to experience something new.

Since this Assassin’s Creed is taking place during the American Revolution. You can bet that that (if well received) this will most likely be the entry where gamers compare future Assassin’s Creed games too. If it doesn’t preform well it could have the opposite effect then what was suggest. Either way, this entry is something that could dictate where Ubisoft takes franchise.


source: giantbomb

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