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Dynasty Warriors VS has Nintendo cloths

Dynasty Warriors VS is an upcoming released Nintendo 3DS game might catch your interest if this photo has anything do with it shows that Tecmo Koei and Nintendo’s relationship hasn’t soured in the slightest because there’s an optional Skyward Sword Link and Zero Suit Samus costume that you can have your put on your own custom charters.

As you are aware that over the years, Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have becoming quite fond of each other and have created some interesting collaborations over the passing years. The developers who helped create Metroid Other M (Team Ninja)  for Nintendo has sold over a million units and Nintendo continuous to maintain a strong relationship with them. Nintendo co-developed and helped publish the Fatal Frame games as well as allowed the use of a Metroid-themed level in Dead or Alive Dimensions and a classic Nintendo-inspired mode in Samurai Warriors 3.
We hope to see many more games be created as their friendship grows and develops
source: joystiq

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