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Miyamoto Talks About Possible Pikmin 3 DLC; Can’t Save His Own Pikmin

The Pikmin are cute, small and not to be messed with if they’re are in large groups. But once the sun sets and nightfall engulfs evening sun. You’re Pikmin will fall prey to the its nocturnal pretenders. But don’t feel to bad, as Eurogamer found out in an interview with the Pikmin creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, can’t save all of them either.

“I would love to [save them], but it’s not possible with my skill,” Miyamoto explained. “So I have given up. But there are some staff who actually accomplished [this]. Personally, I like challenging myself to beat my own score in the mission mode.”

Miyamoto has also considered the possibility of providing DLC if there’s a demand for it.

“Nothing has been decided yet,” he explained, “but Pikmin 3 puts importance on the player replaying and re-challenging himself, an element that makes the game more and more fun as users play it many times. If we hear players’ desire to play more with add-on content, we would love to consider the possibilities.”


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