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Xbox One Will Support External Recording Devices

Guess what? The Xbox One will allow you to record off-device gameplay.
Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer has told Polygon.
Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One console will allow users to capture gameplay using external recording devices, and will also be able to use the console’s HDMI ports. Even if it’ll use HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection system. Phil Spencer replied in the positive: “Yep, exactly like it works today [on the Xbox 360].”

“Users won’t be able to capture all video content from the console,” Spencer said. “But it’ll be using a stream that supports HDCP encryption as an example of a case where it won’t be possible.”

Microsoft previously confirmed Xbox One owners will be able to save up to 5 minutes of gameplay and which will allow players to share them online. Microsoft will also give developers access to a system designed to capture “epic moments” when something is about happen in the game,” corporate vice president of Xbox program management Ben Kilgore told Polygon earlier this year.
The Xbox One will ship this November.

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