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Xbox One GPU Improves by 6 Percent!

Microsoft appears to have confirmed that the final production silicon of the Xbox One hardware features a 6.62 per cent speed boost to its graphics architecture do to simple tweaking, with an original 800MHz clock-speed jumping to 853MHz.
According to the report, Marc Whitten says that in comparison to what was shown at this years, E3,  that we can expect a significant progress on Xbox One titles at Gamescom.

“This is the time, and this is the thing I think people are going to see as we get into Gamescom and people get their first look at new things since E3. This is the time where developers have the final dev kits in their hands, they’re really working closely with us on how things have come together. There’s some things that have really started to come together quite well.”

Now that the final Xbox One graphics driver are in developers hands, there has been a speed boost to the GPU itself.

“Since E3, an example is that we’ve dropped in what we internally call our mono driver. It’s our graphics driver that really is 100 percent optimized for the Xbox One hardware. You start with the base [DirectX] driver, and then you take out all parts that don’t look like Xbox One and you add in everything that really optimizes that experience. Almost all of our content partners have really picked it up now, and I think it’s made a really nice improvement,” Whitten reportedly says.

“This is the time where we’ve gone from the theory of how the hardware works – what do we think the yield is going to look like, what is the thermal envelope, how do things come together – to really having them in our hands. That’s the time where you start tweaking the knobs. Either your theory was right dead on, or you were a little too conservative, or you were a little too aggressive. It’s actually been really good news for us, and an example of that is we’ve tweaked up the clock speed on our GPU from 800MHz to 853MHz.”

Gaming After Hours Perspective:
It’s interesting that Microsoft found new ways to push the graphical performance of the GPU before the console launches. But 53 MHz isn’t a significant leap by any means. It is possible to optimizes the  Xbox One graphical performance even further but only slightly. But from a visual perspective, it’ll be hardly noticeable in most regards. 

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