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Pachter Says The PlayStation Vita is Dead!

Michael Pachter, analyst with Wedbush Securities, sure has a way with words when it comes to expressing his views about the industry. Often at times we wonder if he realizes when someone has such a strong connection to a brand, people feel like it’s a personal attack to themselves. Brands tend to be something that automatically recognize and associate with. Which makes sense why people get defensive about it. In a sense, you’re not just attacking the brand, you’re attacking the people who trust that brand.

“I think if they sold the PS Vita in different colors, it wouldn’t sell more. The only think that’s going to sell more Vita’s is a price drop or compelling software. I shutter to think [about] how many PlayStation Vita’s got sold last month, the answer was, not every many. The Vita’s dead, it’s over! It’s a really great device that that nobody thinks they need so nobody’s buying it. It is really slick, if you get one, you’ll really like it.”

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source: pach-attack 

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