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Nintendo: Miyamoto expresses how they decide what franchises to focus on

The father of modern videogames, discusses how Nintendo decides which video game franchises the company decides to focus on. With so many franchise that span over 30 years, this can’t be an easy task. Plenty franchise are expected such as Mario and Zelda, but there are numerous untouched potential IP’s that have yet to see the light of day for over a decade such as 1080 Snowboarding.

“There are franchises where you would want to put in time and the energy because if you don’t spend enough time and energy on it, it could impact the value of the franchise and the popularity of the franchise. Certainly, with something like Star Fox, we’ve released additional games in the series. I guess with our internal teams in particular, they tend to gravitate more towards bigger franchises… games like the Marios and Zeldas.”

“For us [at Nintendo], it’s less about choosing which franchise we’re going to create and more about choosing what type of game style we want to create [as well as] what type of new [experiences] we’re creating. That’s limited internally by the number of different teams who can create those ideas. I guess we could have looked at different approaches with 1080 [1080° Snowboarding] on N64 and tried to find ways to extend that franchise or build it in a way so we could maintain that brand until now… but it’s always a difficult decision in terms of which ones to choose.”

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source: mynintendonews

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