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Cast your eyes to the stars, Eurogamer declares Super Mario Galaxy ‘The Game of the Generation’

The Game Of The Generation /

Gaming publications, Eurogamer, has rewarded Nintendo’s gravity-jumping adventure the video game of the generation and rightfully so. The sense of creativity is something unmatched and truly unique. With such attention to detail do to its tight, Mario-controls and outstanding game progression, its music just as endearing as the vivid worlds it encompasses.

If you were to search for a more perfect example of gaming craftsmanship, cast your eyes to the stars and challenge yourself to partake on one of gaming’s greatest platform adventures, Super Mario Galaxy.

“The sense of creative freedom is unparalleled. Once Mario’s designers had kicked themselves free of gravity and were swimming amongst the stars, they found that space allowed them to do anything they wanted. And so they did anything they wanted. Manta-ray surfing on a stiff little tube of twisting water? A marriage of crazy golf and pinball that hangs, stoically, above a black hole? Why not have an asteroid serving as the roost for a towering three-legged robot, and another that’s home to an enormous molten octopus, too? Why not lay on hollow planets, glass planets, planets like deserts and planets like desserts? Why not throw in a video game joke that’s been three decades in the construction: an ice level that comes with a lava level clamped to its back?”

Oh Mario, how we love you. You are out of this world


source: mynintendonews

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