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Sony Finalizes Plans To Acquire Factory Producing Wii U’s DRAM Chip for Nintendo

The Japanese national TV channel NHK is reporting that Sony is currently in the process to purchase a Nintendo’s semiconductors DRAM plant in Tsuruoka for ¥7 billion, which is roughly 68 million USD. Currently, the plant is used to producing DRAM chips within the Wii U consoles. The acquisition and its finalization was expected around the end of January. Currently, the plant is owned by Renesas Electronics

Nintendo has yet to officially announce any new partner for the production of the Wii U’s DRAM, but it is believed to have sizable amount of the component and production won’t be affected in the near future given that the Kyoto’s console manufacturer had plenty advance notice.

Knowing this turn over of ownership of the production line of the Tsuruoka plant, it’s unlikely that it’ll continue to produce the component for Nintendo under Sony’s ownership.


source: dualshockers

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