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Rejoice! Mario Kart for Wii U is coming in May — Look out, blue shell!

Get ready Mario Kart fans, your kart racing skills will soon be tested.

Mario Kart fans, rejoice! Your kart racing fix is at hand and soon you will get to experience Mario Kart like never before in stunning HD. Nintendo President, Satoru, Iwata, revealed during a corporate will be arriving soon. I’ve actually got my hands on it a few times and each time, I was blown away by the sheer clarity and smoothness of this great game? Never before have I seen Nintendo characters appear with such fidelity. If you thought that the screen shots look good, or on video, you haven’t seen anything yet. There’s something to be said about actually seeing it in person and seen we’ll all be able to experience in May. 

At the time of this posting, Mario Kart Wii, has sold an astounding 35.26 million copies since its 2008 release. Are you excited for the new Mario Kart?

For all things Mario Kart, stick with us at Gaming After Hours and keep away from those blue shells. 


source: mynintendonews

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