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Sony talks with The King of Kong director for Uncharted movie

According to reports from Hollywood news site Deadline. Sony is currently in discussion with director, Seth Gordon, “The King of Kong” for the Uncharted movie director Seth Gordon to direct Uncharted movie. Keep in mind that even though  Gordon is listed as the director of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on his Imdb page, Sony has yet to officially confirm his involvement.

For those who are unaware, The King of Kong was an acclaimed documentary that followed Steve Wiebe’s attempt to break Billy Mitchell’s, Donkey Kong world record.

Originally, David O. Russel was going to be the director for the film but decided to leave do to ‘creative differences’, according to insiders. There has been roles being written for Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. Also worth noting that Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes was has also been considered for possible roles, but this has not been confirmed.

Following O. Russell’s exit it was announced Limitless director Neil Burger was to write and direct the Uncharted movie, but he left the project in August 2012 for undisclosed reasons.

According to Deadline, the latest revision of the movie’s script was penned by David Guggenheim (Safe House). His interpretation on the project were well received by the studio, and is currently looking to  find someone to play Nathan Drake.


source: deadlinecomputerandvideogames

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