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Nintendo: One of the characters from Steel Diver looks a lot like Peppy from Star Fox

If you’ve downloaded the “free version” of Steel Diver – Sub Wars from the Nintendo eShop, you might find a very familiar character that looks very similar to Peppy from the Star Fox franchise. He might be dressed like Peppy but you have to admit, he looks eerily similar to Peppy.

If you press the “About Premium Version” on the touch Nintendo 3DS touch screen, you’ll be greeted by a very familiar character. At first the rabbit will great you with a friendly “Hello,”  and ask if you’re interested in learning more about the premium version. He will than say “What’s that you say? Who am I? Like you haven’t seen a talking rabbit before?! Stop fooling around.”

So what do you think? Do you think it’s Peppy? Do you think Nintendo decided to stick him in for some good old fashion fan service? Does this make you more interested in the new Steel Diver game?

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