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Jakks Pacific and Nintendo create a life-like Kart from the Mario Kart franchise

Jakks Pacific have partnered with Nintendo and launched the first ever Nintendo licensed Mario Kart ride-on which is a real life size vehicle from the  Mario Kart franchise and resembles a kart from Mario Kart 7. The kart is available throughout the United Kingdom from autumn and winter and will sit within Jakks Pacific portfolio of 6V ride-ons. The Kart also features a full range of delightful sound effects from the beloved franchise.

The ride-on also allows kids (and undoubtedly some adults) to switch between on-road and off-road tyres.

Jakks Pacific’s Ken Goodison, said:

“For the first time ever, you can be in the driver seat of your very own Nintendo Kart. It’s an exciting little runner that we expect to sit competitively within other 6V ride-ons and with it being so relevant to the Nintendo Mario Kart, it should do very well.”

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