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Microsoft: Project Gotham Racing 5 not currently in development

Many people were expecting to see a Project Gotham Racing near the launch of Xbox One. After all, both the Xbox and Xbox 360 had a Project Gotham Racing game at launch so expecting such a trend to continue wouldn’t be far fetched. Even if it wasn’t announced right away. What Xbox fans got instead was Forza Motorsport 5, a title that sound over a million copies since launch.

Microsoft Game Studios president, Phil Spencer was asked on twitter about whether or not fans would seen another Project Gotham game again who replied:

“We aren’t currently working on PGR,” Spencer replied. I really liked the franchise, [it’s] really just down to [the number] of racing franchises.

I don’t know that we’d ever have three console racing franchises. That seems like a lot for a first party with Forza Horizon and obviously Forza Motorsport.”

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source: computerandvideogames

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