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Sony Announces Virtual Reality Headset for PlayStation 4

Sony has announced Project Morpheus, its virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4. It’s a prototype for now, but Sony intends to develop it further for a commercial launch. Keep in mind that currently, Morpheus is still in its prototype stage and changes are likely before it’s ready for the general consumer.

Sony has announced it’s newest vision affectionately called, Project Morpheus, a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4. Morpheus is a head-mounted visor display with built-in inertial sensors  that tracks head orientation and movement. Both Morpheus and the PlayStation Camera worth together to deliver an immersive virtual reality experience that rotates the displayed image of the virtual world in real-time.

Morpheus will as work with the PS Move motion controller, giving players a unique interactive experience. The audio will surround the player from the front, left, right and behind.

Below are the current specifications of the prototype. Sony stressed they are subject to change:

  • Component: Processor unit, head-mounted unit
  • Display Method: LCD
  • Panel Size: 5 inches
  • Panel Resolution: 1920×RGB×1080 (960×RGB×1080 per eye)
  • Field of View: 90 degrees
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope
  • Connection interface: HDMI + USB
  • Function: 3D audio, Social Screen

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said:

“At SCE we view innovation as an opportunity to build on our mission to push the boundaries of play.

Project Morpheus is the latest example of innovation from SCE, and we’re looking forward to its continued development and the games that will be created as development kits get into the hands of content creators.”

Gaming After Hours perspective

One interesting thing to take notice is that Morpheus will also feature a social screen, but what that may be is unknown. Regardless, it’s worth taking note as I have a feeling that may be one of the key features that will seprate it from the Oculus Rift.

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source: eurogamer

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