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Update: Nintendo of Europe Shares Details About the Wii U GBA Virtual Console (Video)

Update: Nintendo of America has announced that the GBA Virtual Console for Wii U will also be coming to North America starting on the same date as Europe.

Attention Game  Boy Advance fans! The long wait for a GBA Virtual Console games has finally come, at least for Europe. Many great and amazing game were part of this portable era and soon you’ll be able to experience them once again. Though minor, these ports will have slight enhancements that will utilize the Wii U hardware to a small extent.

These enhancements allow you to “Play off-TV on your Wii GamePad” or play them on your TV screen. Much like the many games available on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, these games will have their own Miiverse communities. You’ll so have the option to customize your controls to better suit your liking and save your progress whenever you want.

Please note that these dates are subject to change and there is no announcements for when the Wii U Game Boy Advance Virtual Console will arrive for North America. Many of you who were part of the Ambassador Program will be familiar with many of these games and find this announcement disappointing but keep in mind that not everyone was part of the Ambassador Program.

Advance Wars  4/3/2014
Mario Luigi Superstar Saga  4/3/2014
Metroid Fusion  4/3/2014
Kirby The Amazing Mirror  4/10/2014
Wario Ware, inc  4/10/2014
Golden Sun  4/17/2014
F-Zero Maximum Velocity  4/17/2014
Yoshi’s Island Super Mario Advance 3  4/24/2014

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