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Gaming After Hours: Exploring New Options!

Hello everyone,

Gaming After Hours is currently exploring new options for the site in hopes to create a better experience for our
followers. This might mean moving content to other servers or find better tools that will allow easily make content more accessible.

We also hope to find better ways to reach a larger audience and offer enticing offers for dedicated fans. Like all things, this requires time and research. Sadly, this may mean fewer written articles then we’d like since our efforts will be placed towards these explorations. If this means less written articles it could in turn lead to more thought provoking articles rather simple news posts.

Gaming After Hours future will be facing changes both on the surface and under-the-hood, but content will trickle down, ideas will be explored, doors will be opened and a new future will be written. All we ask is your understanding and hope that you’ll stick around. For the ones that stick around, you will be rewarded in some fashion.

This will work, we will succeed, for the possibilities are as endless as long as we keep our vision clear. So for now, thank you for you’re support.

Happy Gaming,
Byungsuk Kim and Staff
(The Mouse is watching) 


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