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Gamers Petition for a Black Female Link

What if Link was a Female? What if Link was a Black Female?

What if Link was a Female? What if Link was a Black Female?

An interesting development has arisen within the gaming community where a petition on, has been created for the Hero of Time to change only his appearance into a young, strong black woman then his typical elvish boy. At the moment, this petition doesn’t seem very popular, only having seven total signatures.But it is interesting idea. It would be a drastic change and be a source of great controversy within the gaming community.

Such an idea isn’t impossible to think of given how connected and socially acceptable the world has become, so such an idea is bound to creep into the minds of people wanting video games to better represent the worlds diverse heritage. If such ideas become the norm and people rally under such ideas. The idea of a franchise not adapting to the needs of its audience will arouse racial debates and a multitude of new ideas.

The many faces of Link

Would it be racist if such a demand grew in popularity? No, of course not. Purist would share the idea that changing Link in such a drastic way would go against the idea of what Link is, an elvish young man who is destined to save the world from an opposing evil. He’s an established character who’s remained the same throughout its conception and changing him would be wrong.

Others would take what Nintendo has done over the years and use the different appearances and artistic interpretations Nintendo has crafted as a foundation for its opposing arguments. Sharing their belief as to why, it’s not too far fetched to have Link to take on different appearances and sexes. It’s an interesting idea and not out of the realm of possibilities. As for now, such have not been publicity discussed by Nintendo, though I wouldn’t doubt that it hasn’t been talked about within their walls. It’s an awesome concept and if there’s strong enough demand, Nintendo will acknowledge it in some fashion through PR interviews. For now, it will have to remain just a dream.

If you want to sign the petition, you can do it here.

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4 comments on “Gamers Petition for a Black Female Link

  1. iateasalmon

    @Byungsuk: Haha, I personally want a Link with cat ears and tail. I don’t know why some people always needs to drag racism issues into everything.

    • Byungsuk Kim

      This idea hasn’t really taken off from what I can tell but you know if it becomes popular, it will be. Just look at RE5, Ppl went crazy and called Capcom racist hahaha.

      Link with cat ears and tail? Come on buddy, This ain’t Mario and even that was too muchh lol. But I haven’t played 3D World so it’s not my place to say. haha

  2. iateasalmon

    Even if this seems like a good idea, I do not think it will sit well with the japanese fanbase. Here me out, Japan grew up with LoZ much earlier than westerners. If Nintendo all of a sudden changed Link’s gender as in, one year he’s a female the next is a male, this just seems weird. Link is already a iconic mascot of Nintendo, so changing his facial features to cater to the western fanbase, while ignoring the pleas of the east is not a good idea.

    To me, instead of changing his look altogether, we could have an option of customizing Link. Aonuma words, does not imply that he is thinking about changing Link’s gender, rather I think he is regarding on the fact about making a playable character in LoZ besides Link.

    It’s not technically racist, just unrealistic. That’s why I think customizing would be a better suit, than changing Link’s appearance altogether.

    • Byungsuk Kim

      Of course it’s not racist but people are stupid enough to think it would be. I want Link to be a gray troll, everyone likes Link so it makes sense to totally change him hahaha

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