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Nintendo had a few More Surprises to Close its E3 Presence


Nintendo devoted a lot of time in showcasing the new Super Smash Bros. at this year’s E3 and closed with a few more surprises.

     In a closed round-table with developer, Masahiro Sakurai, one more character was revealed. Namco’s involvement with the franchise has lead to the entry of one of their most well-known mascots. Pac-Man has made his appearance, and his retro fighting style looks to be a welcome addition to the franchise. Mr. Game & Watch, another character in smash series, was also shown during Pac-Man’s reveal trailer.

Sakurai mentioned that tweaks are still being made to the game and the characters in the demo can still be changed. Having played the demo myself, I can safely say the new Smash Bros. is a well-polished addition to the franchise. The game runs very smooth, combining the best of Melee and Brawl.

Gamers still intent on having a chance to play the E3 demo of Smash Bros. can do so Saturday, 6/14/2014 at participating Best Buys from 12:00-5:00 pm.

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