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Sony PlayStation 4’s Share Play has a 60 minute time limit

The PlayStation 4’s new “Share Play” feature will have a limited time limit of play. Restricting players to 60 minute play sessions though there is no limit to the amount of sessions.

Share Play allows PlayStation 4 owners (with a PlayStation Plus subscription) to hand off control of a game to another player in an entirely different location, even if they don’t own a copy of the game.

According to GameSpot, there are no limits to the total amount of sessions a friend can play but single play sessions will time out after an hour. This means “you can conceivably start Share Play up again and continue playing.” This restriction doesn’t mean you can leave your PS4 alone and let your friend play all day long. The person lending out their game virtually can watch as their friend plays which allows two people to take on a single player title together. Local two player co-op play is expected to be supported.

It’s very possible that both players will need to be present in order to enable Share Play and will have a permission prompt after the 60 minute time limit play session finishes if they wish to continue. If the player-host who provides the share game decides to leave, the game will also end for the other player. If that’s the case, it’s also possible that the player-host sharing the game can end the play session at anytime. Though I do wonder if players will be able ask their friends if they could share they games don’t know own by sending a notification or message. Only time will tell.

Sony has Share Play is expected to launch soon.


An interesting and promising feature that can only be experienced on PlayStation. 

Get ready to see the future


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