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Playboy and Nintendo Join Forces in Cross-Promotional for Bayonetta 2

Nintendo may be more willing to change their family friendly image more so than originally thought in hopes to shade its public friendly image. A cross-promotion agreement between Playboy and Nintendo to promote the confident and alluring Bayonetta for Wii U.

In an attempt to categorize Bayonetta, Playboy affectionately calls it, “Gamer Next Door.” An appropriate title for an appropriate video game Playboy model named Pamela Horton. Daunting the look of game developers, Platinum Games. Horton’s look is well suited for the pistol-heeled welding vixen, Bayonetta.

Don’t confuse this as Nintendo’s first attempt into the mature gaming market. Many past projects have shown Nintendo’s willingness to venture into a mature focused market. Killer Instinct, though only rated “Teen” was one of their attempts to shed their child-like demeanor. Other titles were far me adult themed such as Eternal Darkness – Sanity Requiem, Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and Resident Evil Code Veronica were all meant to create a new image for Nintendo. All classics and all on the Nintendo GameCube.

Image: Playboy

Bayonetta 2 is now out exclusively for Wii U and with a physical copy of the game for $59.99, plus a well-made port her original adventure.
There is an option to purchase Bayonetta 2 for $49.99 and if you choose on the Nintendo eShop, the original Bayonetta is priced at $9.99 and can be bought at your own time though this option may only be available a set amount of time.

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