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Zelda Switch Looks Sharper than Wii U

If you thought that the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch was lacking in the visual department when compared to its Wii U counterpart. This may sway your perspective to jump on the Switch bandwagon. Based on what has been discovered thus far, it’s a fair assumption that the Switch version has received added environmental detail not only with the landscape but shadows too.

What’s interesting is that the world of Hyrule for the Switch has been meticulously etched with all new, higher quality textures. From what every little the general public can observe, the general layout of the world’s environment is mostly the same as the Wii U version.

Everything seems to pop with added clarity on the Switch version

On top of that, it has it also seems to have better draw distance and clearer distinction between light and dark shadows. The environment seems to pop with added clarity versus its Wii U counterpart. To those who are not familiar with that term, it refers to an image that the game engine. Draw distance, in terms of computer images, is what a game engine defines as the maximum distance an object within an computer generated scene are created.

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