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Conker’s Bad Fur Day Prototype Cart Discovered


An extremely rare Nintendo 64 development cart has been listed on eBay. At the time of this articles publication. Conker’s Bad Fur Day Development Cart has 54 bids which has raised the current auction to an outstanding $87,146.40 USD. The original starting bid was £0.99 BDP or $1.31 US Dollar.

To those who are not of the knowing, development or as they are sometimes called, prototype carts are usually near finished games that get sent out to publications for first impressions and reviews. Prototype carts have a safety measure built within the cart that serves as a way to prevent a game from leaking to the general public.


It is strongly advised that if one is to come across such a cart is to NOT BOOT IT UP since prototype carts can be very fickle. and can easily be wiped clean if not handled correctly. Some prototype carts will delete itself once the power on the device has been turned off similar to a kill switch. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to NOT BOOT IT UP.

Conkers Bad Fur Day Development Cart

There is reasons to be suspicious of this auction give how inflated it is. Not many games get this kind of huge spike in auctions. Even games as rare as Conkers Bad Fur Day. Most prototype games don’t have a finished title label many have their project name, its title written in marker or just a poorly printed label. It’s not common to see a games titled artwork being on a prototype cart. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this auction is fake or the seller is intentionally selling a wipe cart. It just means that there is reasons to be cautious.


I can’t stress this enough! This auction is for an UNTESTED prototype cart that could very well have it’s data wiped. The eBay owner claims that it’s undumped and untest which for those who are bidding means you have a chance of bidding on a cart means that buying a cart that is essentially unless.


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