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Possible Names For a New Earthworm Jim Game

Written by Byungsuk Kim Earthworm Jim is an awesome character and with Jim’s creator, Doug TenNapel, asking fans about what he should call the new Earthworm Jim if he is able … Continue reading

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Jim Creator Expresses Interest in a New Earthworm Jim Game

Earthworm Jim creator, Doug TenNapel, asked fans about what he should call Earthworm Jim if he were to make another entry in the series. But also doesn’t consider Earthworm Jim … Continue reading

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Evil is Never Truly Dead in Capcom’s Resident Evil

A long time ago, Capcom was developing Resident Evil for the GBC. It was teased by gaming publications before vanishing into the darkness. Years later, the Resident Evil 8-bit rom surfaced from the … Continue reading

06/18/2014 · 2 Comments

Preventing a Smash Confusion; Why Name Super Smash Bros. “For Wii” and “For Nintendo 3DS”

After the reveal of the next Super Smash Bros., it seems that Nintendo will be sticking with their current “for Wii U” and “for Nintendo 3DS” titles. This has been … Continue reading

06/16/2014 · 2 Comments

Sony Explains That Dedicated Handheld Gaming Is Not Gone, Uses Nintendo 3DS As An Example

MCV have ran an interview with PlayStation UK MD Fergal Gara and talks many things about the PlayStation Vita such as it’s high attach rate though it make a small percentage of the … Continue reading

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WayForward: Is Giving Away A Custom Nintendo 3DS

WIN THIS CUSTOM NINTENDO 3DS! Enter the Shantae art contest hosted by our friends @Crunchyroll — WayForward (@WayForward) September 23, 2013 You can follow Gaming After Hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.   … Continue reading

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Sony: Reveals PS Vita TV; Lets You Play Vita Games On TV

Sony has revealed a new gaming hardware called the PS Vita TV which allows you play your Vita games on your television. According to IGN, the PS Vita TV is … Continue reading

09/09/2013 · 1 Comment

Analysts Says Nintendo Must Make Mario Games On Non-Nintendo Platforms

Analyst David Gibson who works Macquarie of Tokya states that “They have been beaten by smartphones and tablets, in particular, for consumers’ spending and, more importantly, time. Any drastic strategy … Continue reading

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Booya! Flipnote Studio 3D Is Coming Early August

  Flipnote Studio 3D is a free application that you can create amazing animation on your Nintendo 3DS  “Flipnote Studio™ 3D is coming to the Nintendo 3DS™ system in August … Continue reading

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