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Analysts Says Nintendo Must Make Mario Games On Non-Nintendo Platforms

Analyst David Gibson who works Macquarie of Tokya states that “They have been beaten by smartphones and tablets, in particular, for consumers’ spending and, more importantly, time. Any drastic strategy shift that would dispatch the Mario Brothers into the realm of Android and the Apple iOS operating system for smartphones is likely to require a change at the top of Nintendo.” Mr. Gibson continues,  “And that is unlikely to happen for a couple of years, until the Wii U is shown to be a clear failure.”

According to Nanako Imazu, “Nintendo has to deal with the changes and let Mario games be played on [non-Nintendo] devices.”

Gaming After Hours Perspective:

Regardless of what many analyst say, the chances that Nintendo will actually do this is very unlikely. Knowing the way Nintendo’s approach to game design with their games, placing any Nintendo franchises of a non-Nintendo would effect the quality of their games. Keep in mind that most Nintendo hardware is designed around key concepts and revolves around these concepts. Which could effect their ability to innovate.


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