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Possible Names For a New Earthworm Jim Game


Written by Byungsuk Kim

Earthworm Jim is an awesome character and with Jim’s creator, Doug TenNapel, asking fans about what he should call the new Earthworm Jim if he is able to make it. Naturally, this got many of us thinking. These are possible names that Gaming After Hours have thought of and just made us laugh.

Earthworm Jim: Out of the Can

Just imagine our hero, Jim laying an old worm can. He wakes up from watching TV and decides that its about time to climb out of his can and back into his suit. This would be an interesting way to start Jim’s new game since it’s been so long since he’s put on the suit, this could be a humorous way to explain why Jim hasn’t been very active lately.

Earthworm Jim: Opening a Can of Worms

Psy-Crow decides to go fishing and without knowing it, opens the very can that Jim has been residing all these years. Naturally Jim is upset and decides to chase Psy-Crow cross the galaxy to get his home back.

Earthworm Jim: Rebirth

A lot of games carry this subtitle and considering when Earthworm was first released. This subtitle would suit the series perfectly. It’s understandable without requiring much explanation. It also allow the game to use some of the classic jokes it used in passed games without it being too cliché.

Earthworm Jim: Resuited

This would be the same a ‘Rebirth‘ but just a play on word. But if the ‘suit’ fits, why fight it?

Earthworm Jim: A Dirt Filled Dream

The one place you can always find worms is in the dirt. Just grab a shovel and start digging. So this would be an interesting title for Jim’s new adventure. Think of all the ‘dirty’ jokes you could make all because of the title.

Earthworm Jim: New Suit

How could would it be if Jim found a new suit? All new ability and would be easily explained and you wouldn’t have to worry about having to explain why Jim has these new abilities.

Earthworm Jim: Can of Whoops

This idea came from Adam Sandler’s Water Boy where he said, “.. opening a can of whoop-ass”. But since this is an Earthworm Jim article, and we all know how humorous his games are. It’s only fitting for him to ‘open a can of whoops‘. The jokes and possibilities are endless.

Earthworm Jim: A Cow’s Revenge

You know that cow Jim launched in to the air? What if that cow decided to
get revenge? Do you think Jim would act cow-ardly?

Earthworm Jim: A Tale of 2 Worms

If Jim were to hook up with another worm, this title would be perfect. There could even be a buddy system similar to the Donkey Kong Country series.

Earthworm Jim 4

A simple and straight forward title that most gamers will likely label it regardless of the subtitle. Though the creator doesn’t ‘generally acknowledge EWJ 3 as a real part of the Jim universe’.


Can you come up with better titles then us? What fun titles can you think of for the amazing Earthworm? Leave your ideas down below and we may use it for a future article. 

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