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Jim Creator Expresses Interest in a New Earthworm Jim Game

Earthworm Jim creator, Doug TenNapel, asked fans about what he should call Earthworm Jim if he were to make another entry in the series. But also doesn’t consider Earthworm Jim 3 as part of Jim’s universe.


Everyone loves Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, and I don’t generally acknowledge EWJ 3 as a real part of the Jim universe. So if I was making another Jim game, would it be too confusing to call it Jim 3? Or would it have to be Jim 4? How about “Earthworm Jim 4 the Fans”?

Many of us at Gaming After Hours love the original Earthworm Jim and have fond memories of this classic hero. From the crazy granny to the cow launcher, it all played an important part in our childhoods.

Does this mean a new Earthworm Jim may be in the works? 


source: earthwormjimgame

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