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Evil is Never Truly Dead in Capcom’s Resident Evil

A long time ago, Capcom was developing Resident Evil for the GBC. It was teased by gaming publications before vanishing into the darkness. Years later, the Resident Evil 8-bit rom surfaced from the death of its hollowly grave. Reeking evil with its 160 x 144 pixel resolution and its terrifying beeps (s-c-a-r-y). Is evil truely dead?

As you may of may not of been aware of, there were two versions of this once dormant game. One version was of Jill Valentine and the other was of Chris Redfield. The Gameboy Color versions of Resident Evil have been in the custody by an mysterious collector. The mysterious collector stated
that he’d release the Resident Evil Game Boy Color games if people donated $2,000 for a fundraiser for a third party. Of course this person does not wish to be identified. It has been rumored that the game was actually 90% finished so anyone who plays this can try the game out and see for themselves.

If you want to play Resident Evil,  just click on the links below.

We hope you all enjoy it.


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