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Nintendo fights for Consumer Clarity – Clearing up the confusion of the Wii U

Just look for the U on the box

Nintendo has finally done it, where the line of confusion is blurred and what lays in their possible future is clarity and a hopeful future. The overall tone and it’s primary functions such as the Wii U Gamepad and some of the online functionality are present in the video. Most all of it’s defining attributes that define the Wii U experience is present and clear. Starting with the words, “It’s time for a whole new Nintendo experience. Wii owners and newcomers alike. It’s time play Wii U. Wii U is an entirely new technology and the true successor to Wii,” makes it abundantly clear that this is not the same Wii you have now. It may of taken over year for Nintendo to clear the confusion but it is far better to be late than never.

Much of this confusion between Wii and Wii U can be credited toward Nintendo’s inability communicate it’s product in an easy to understand manner. It’s this writers opinion that Nintendo relied too heavily on the it’s established brand, the Wii, and thought that it’s very name would bring its newest home console equal success.

Regardless, this is the right step in the right direction and will snowball into more 3rd party support for Wii U in the months and years to come. Don’t stop now Nintendo, the fight for consumer clarity isn’t over yet. 

Do you think Nintendo finally got the message? Do you think they’re finally on the road to recovery? Do you think it’s too little too late? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and Happy Holidays. Oh and don’t forget to look for the “U” on the box.

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