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S-Video for the Original Wii


There’s a new video connection option for  the Wii that provides better video image quality. In comparison to regular composite video cables that is bundled with the Wii, purchasing the S-Video cables from the Nintendo Online Store provides a more natural and cleaner video quality at a reasonable price.

In comparison to Composite video that pushes the video image through a single cable, S-Video separates both color and brightness information into separate wires within the cable. Much of the color bleeding is gone, leaving you a superior standard definition image. You’re audio option are the same as the composite option.  The only downside is that most many TV manufacturers have started to faze out this option.

Regardless, we highly recommend purchasing an S-Video cable for your Wii and Wii Mini if your TV  or external device supports it.

The Wii S-Video cables are available on the Nintendo Online Store for $15.99


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