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Hyrule Warriors Will Feature Online Play and More Classic Characters

Hyrule Warriors

Written by Byungsuk Kim

Exciting about Hyrule Warriors? How does online play sound? Hyrule Warriors will not only feature local play but will also have online co-op play as well. According to tumblr user lovelymidnamage, the demo had only  fire rod Link and Princess (Queen) Zelda as playable characters. The interesting detail of the story is that there may be online cooperative play implemented in Hyrule Warriors. While a two player mode has been previously confirmed, this opens up a lot of awesome possibilities. According to the attendee at the Japan Expo in Paris, the Nintendo representative confirmed several things:

  1. There will be both ONLINE and offline co-op.
  2. More classic characters will make an appearance
  3. Though she didn’t answer directly, when asked if Ocarina of Time characters will be in the game, she simply smiled.
  4. By leveling up your character you’ll unlock stuff? She couldn’t really answer this either but I’m guessing weapons/heart/combos/cancels?

What do you think about online play being added in Hyrule Warriors? Does this make you more excited?  Share your comments below.

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source: tumblr via zeldainformer

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