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Iwata Asks: Talks NSMB U & Miis

In Iwata Asks, Satoru Iwata interviewed Takashi Tezuka about the recently announced New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U. The New Super Mario Bros. U is the follow up to the highly success full New Super Mario Bros. Wii which of 26th May 2012 has sold 25.5 million world wide. At first glance, the game will seem very familiar to anyone who has played any of the New Super Mario Bros games.

I myself have played it and enjoyed it but often found myself confused when there are multiple people playing at once and even with different colored Toads. Perhaps its because I’m color-blind that could be my problem but either way, I find it difficult to play unless I’m alone. The one thing I also found odd is that the Wii version never gave players the option to play as their Miis. And so with that in mind, Nintendo has decided to finally include this option. Allowing players, young and old, to jump and stop on the many creatures of the Mushroom Kingdom. Hopefully, this will address the problems I’ve had while playing the Wii version.

What makes this game unique is that not only will it allow 5 players to play together is that instead of having the additional 5 player play as another character, they’ll be able to assist any player with the touch of a finger all thanks to the Wii U gamepad via touch screen. Not only that but they’ll be able to directly interact with the Mushroom Kingdom by touching enemies.

Iwata confirms that New Super Mario Bros will be a launch title

Today I ask you about New Super Mario Bros. U. Which will go on sale [at] the same time as the Wii U hardware

source: nintendo channel

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