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Will Wii U Games [At First] Be 720p?

According to said article, current [Wii U] games are running at 720p and not 1080p. A Nintendo representative on the E3 show floor said that all playable Wii U games will ship in native 720p. This includes Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3. This might be cause some gamers to cry out in anger but since the system is still young, this is understandable. Some sacrifice must be made in order to bring a steady flow of content to Nintendo’s HD system. We’d much rather have a continuous flow of games with a smooth frame rate then have a game that chugs and displays graphical artifacts and loading textures more then anything else.

If not having the first batch of Wii U makes you cry foul, ask yourself one question. If your having a fun time, are you really going to keep thinking to yourself about how many pixels-per-inch are being displayed while you play your game?

source: wii u daily

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