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Nintendo 3DS XL gets its own Circle Pad Pro

As many people are currently aware of, Nintendo surprised everyone when they revealed through their Nintendo Direct a new iteration of their 3DS family called the Nintendo 3DS XL that sports a bigger screen and better battery life. This might be upsetting to the 5 million people who currently own a Nintendo 3DS original but for those who haven’t made the jump, this might be worth investing.

Many people cried foul about Nintendo decision to release a new 3DS iteration so quickly. Yelling displeasure and expressing their feelings on the world wide web. One of the concern that was brought up was the 3DS XL’s lack of a second analog stick. Many people were hoping that when Nintendo hardware revision would have the Circle Pad Pro built-in. Sadly this isn’t the case. So what are gamers supposed to do since the current Circle Pad Pro won’t fit? Why, buy the Circle Pad Pro XL of course. You see, easy right? And you were worried?

No release date for the Circle Pad Pro XL has been released yet.

source: officialnintendomagazine.

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