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The hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy the [Wii U] device period. I don’t think they’re so stupid that they’d buy a cardboard, a cardboard box on the other hand that says Nintendo on it. They’d probably would buy it. Do you remember when you were a kid and you were really little you liked the box better then the gift. That’s how I think of Nintendo fans.

Pachter really seems to be think badly about Nintendo fans. What really puts my piss to a boil is that he actually beleives that Nintendo fans will buy anything that has Nintendo slapped on the box. And that’s just wrong! I don’t quite understand why he’s been expressing his all this misplaced beliefs towards Nintendo but I think he was one of those kids that actually liked the cardboard boxes. At least Pachter could have the decency to explain why he believes what he believes rather then just laughing like its not a big deal.

source: gametrailers
time: 4:08 – 4:33

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