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Smash Bros On The 3DS Was Needed To Evolve The Series.

More and more news of the upcoming Smash series seems to be coming by the mega loads. The latest tidbit comes from the “Official Nintendo Magazine” as told by Sakurai himself. Apparently the new Smash Bros started off on the Nintendo 3DS do to concerns that the series couldn’t evolve any further and felt that a handheld could possibly solve this. But due to the size of the screen, placed limitations as to what they could be done.

Nintendo eventually decided to create two games instead of making the latest Smash a 3DS only title. Sakurai said,

“Even though the characters will be the same in the version Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, the arena will be completely different. In the 3DS version, they are based on games released on portable consoles, while Wii U, arenas are based on articles on home console games.”

We personally wonder if it really did start off as a Nintendo 3DS title only Satoru announced a new Smash Bros game during E3 2011. But keep in mind that development hadn’t even started back yet and naturally things do change as games are go through development process.

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source: official nintendo magazine

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