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Microsoft Believes The Xbox One Is Corporate World Friendly

Ain’t it sexy?

Is Xbox One corporate friendly and justifiable as a business expense? Microsoft Xbox MVP and director of Consumer Camp, Marques Lyons thinks since the Xbox One has several features that would be of interests to the corporate world. One of the features Lyons mentions is Skype integration and “combined with multi-person chatting and 1080p video through the Kinect, can be a good tool for companies looking to hold conferences.. Xbox One supports SkyDrive, companies can access the files they save in the company’s cloud-based storage directly from
the console.” Finally, Lyons says that because the Xbox One uses Wi-Fi Direct that it’ll allow transfer of data wirelessly to devices and using the system to show presentations for PowerPoint presentations.

“The app story of Xbox One has yet to be written, therefore it is entirely possible to find apps down the road that could be of benefit for you and your business,” he wrote. “With the processing power, snap mode, and connection to a large screen, that the Xbox One has, this device is capable of going from the ‘break room’ to the ‘board room.'”


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