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10-Year-Old Saves His Family After Grandmother Passes Out, Credits Mario Kart


Whoever said that video games have no real world applications should take note of this amazing story. Denver NBC affiliate KUSA reported that a  young 10-year old boy named Gryffin Sanders saved his is great grandmother, 74-year-old Darlene Nestorand,  and 4-year old baby brother “after she passed out behind the wheel of their vehicle going 60 miles (95 km) per hour.” According to the story, Sanders tried to wake his great grandmother up but was unable to.  He took control of the wheel and steered the vehicle toward a ditch full of mud. When asked where he got his driving skills he said he got his skills from playing Mario Kart.

“My first thought was actually, is this a test or what?” young Gryffin said. “Then she passed out during the middle of a sentence. I tried to wake her up first..then, I just took the wheel and drove it into the ditch.

I wanted to get us out of the way of traffic, I guess.” Gryffin said

Gryffin’s father said, “It was all him and he made a very wide decision at a very critical moment and I couldn’t be a prouder father,”

Click here if your having trouble viewing the video

The best news about all this is that both his great grandmother and baby brother are safe and no one was hurt.
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What wonderful news to hear about video games! It’s refreshing to hear about something positive about the industry. We for one would like to praise Gryffin Sanders for his bravery and courage. It must of been very frighting for him. Gryffin Sanders, you are our little hero!


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