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Borderlands 2 Heads To The PlayStation Vita In 2014

borderlands 2 vita

Adam Fletcher, Product Manager of Gearbox Software has revealed at Gamecom that Borderlands 2 is coming to the PlayStation Vita. According to source, this was a collaboration between “2k, PlayStation and the team at Iron Galaxy Studios.” Borderlands 2 was well received and won more then 55 editorial in 2012.

“PS Vita gives Borderlands 2 fans the ability to play the game anywhere they want, complete with of all the unique benefits of the Vita system, and will truly bring the four-player cooperative experience to the palms of your hands. A new era of portable shoot-and-loot awaits! On behalf of Gearbox, 2K, and Sony, we want to thank the passionate fans for helping make Borderlands 2 on the PS Vita a reality, and we look forward to looting bazillions of guns with you guys on the go.”

Borderlands 2 will be shipping on PS Vita in 2014 and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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source: PlayStation.Blog

One comment on “Borderlands 2 Heads To The PlayStation Vita In 2014

  1. Devon Whitman

    This is just a guess but this is probably just a side project of 2K, kind of like how Fallout: New Vegas was a side project of Obsidian and Bethesda.

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